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Tenant Build-Out Projects

Retail Tenant Finish

Multiple Locations

Elder Construction, Inc. has completed the interior and exterior construction of numerous pre-existing retail buildings, including twenty Kmart®stores, twelve Sears®stores, Walmart®, Macy's®, Radio Shack®, Victoria's Secret®and The Limited®in states including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina and Ohio.

We have done the tenant build-out for 20 Kmart storesTenant build-out for Macy's department store
Tenant build-out for Radio ShackTenant build-out for Walmart
Tenant build-out for a dozen Sears storesTenant build-out for Victoria's Secret
Tenant build-out for The LimitedTenant build-out for a dozen Sears stores

Burlington Coat FactoryBurgerIMThe Room PlaceAmerican Freight FurnitureWalmartGoodwillKroger Grocery StoresStarbucks CoffeeSprint TelecommunicationsMacy's Department Stores